Wide-field Imaging Surveyor for High-redshift

WISH International Mini Workshop March 2013

2013/03/27 Department of Astronomy, Univ. of Tokyo

  • T. Yamada: Introducing WISH: Goals, Design, Proposal [PDF]
  • I. Iwata: Development Activities [PDF]
  • K. Yabe: Summary of WISH Survey Plan [PDF]
  • I. Iwata: Epoch of Reionization with WISH [PDF]
  • K. Shimasaku: Hyper Suprime-Cam and WISH [PDF]
  • A. K. Inoue: How to characterize WISH drop-out galaxies [PDF]
  • N. Suzuki: SNIa Cosmology with WISH [PDF]
  • J. Hora and M. Ashby: SAO Participation in WISH: [PDF J. Hora] [PDF M. Ashby]
  • D. Burgarella: CNES proposal for WISH [PDF]
  • M. Im: Wide-Field Imaging Survey of High Redshift for Korea: WISH for Korea [PDF]
  • T. Sumi: WFIRST / Euclid [PDF]