Joint WISH + First Galaxies International Workshop

Workshop web page at LAM


  • 01: Toru Yamada: WISH [PDF]
  • 02: Denis Burgarella: French / European contribution to WISH [PDF]
  • 03: Sebastien Vives: WISH spec optical design [PDF]
  • 04: Christian Surace: WISH ETC [PDF]
  • 05: Pierre Vernazza: Solar System small bodies [PDF]
  • 06: Laurent Pagani: Dust and ice properties in dark clouds with WISH [PDF]
  • 07: Olivier LeFevre: The Euclid Space Mission [PDF]
  • 08: Herve Wozniak: How to make the best of WISH's IFU at low redshifts? [PDF]
  • 09: Giovanni Fazio: SAO contribution to WISH [PDF]


  • 10: Kiyoto Yabe: WISH: Sensitivity and Survey Plan [PDF]
  • 11: Akio K. Inoue: Emission lines of LBGs and their detectability with JWST
  • 12: Herve Aussel:
  • 13: Mederic Boquien: Impact of star formation history on the measurement of star formation rates [PDF]
  • 14: Alessandro Boselli: Studying nearby galaxies with WISH [PDF]
  • 15: Hector Flores: From MOONS@VLT to MOSAIC@E-ELT: spectroscopic follow-up of WISH [PDF]
  • 16: Matthew Ashby: S-CANDELS update [PDF]
  • 17: Joseph Hora: Observing the Galaxy with WISH [PDF]
  • 18: Daniel Schaerer: Physical properties of the LBG population at z∼3 to 7 [PDF]
  • 19: Marcin Sawicki: WISH Canada - Canadian perspective and interests [PDF]
  • 20: Ikuru Iwata: Constraining UVLF at z> 7 with WISH-UDS [PDF]


  • 21: Rychard Bouwens: What current samples of z=9-10 candaites tell us about future science with WISH [PDF]
  • 22: Michele Trenti: The first galaxies fronter [PDF]
  • 23: Erik Zackrisson: Primordial star cluster at extreme magnification [PDF]
  • 24: Hakim Atek: The UVLF at the epoch of reionisation [PDF]
  • 25: Masami Ouchi: Can star-forming galaxies at z∼7-10 be major sources of reionization? [PDF]
  • 26: Ken Mawatari: Extremely red K-[3.6] galaxies at z∼6 [PDF]
  • 27: David Sobral: Hα surveys up to z∼ 7 [PDF]
  • 28: Dominique Aubert: Numerical models of the high-z universe [PDF]
  • 29: Roser Pello: Studying the first galaxies with WISH [PDF]
  • 30: Asantha Cooray: Infrared background, anisotropies and spectral line intensity mapping [PDF]